‘The Adoration Service’ conducted by ‘St. Anthony’s High School, Duler, Mapusa’ on Friday, 28thAugust 2015.

The Reparatory Adoration for Families was held at the St. Francis Church, Duler; to accommodate all the students, teachers and their parents. The Service commenced at 8.15 a.m. and ended at 9.00 a.m.

Rev. Fr. Peter Gama; obliged us by administering the blessings and conducting the divine praises and prayers. The adoration prayers were conducted by the Teacher In-Charge Mrs. Maria Margaruite Pinto and other teachers.

                                                                                                                   (Bro. Joy M. P. cmsf)

Our Lady of Grace Convent, Kindergarten, Bicholim, Goa.
Reparatory Adoration for families  

The catholic teachers and students of our kindergarten gathered in our convent chapel with the Blessed Sacrament exposed for prayer and adoration for the conversion of poor sinners especially families.

         The altar was well prepared with candles lit on either side of the Blessed Sacrament giving a prayerful atmosphere. After the Blessed Sacrament was exposed we recited the Eucharistic prayer followed by the other prayers and hymns from the leaflet. Each      teacher got involved and participated actively in the prayers using the leaflet sent to us for this purpose.

 As we were praying before the Blessed Sacrament where Jesus is present Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, we felt that we were one with the whole church and the families of the world. We experienced the tangible presence of Jesus in our midst. It was a meaningful and prayerful experience for everyone.

                                                                                                                      Sr.Victoria Muniz FMM


On the 26th of August, 2015, all the catholic students of stds. I - IV of Our Lady Of Help School Ribandar along with the catholic teachers and the Headmistress of the school had adoration with the Bl. Sacrament exposed in the convent chapel.

After the prayers of praise and thanksgiving and simple hymns of praise and worship, few intentions in simple language were made including prayer for families. The prayer of adoration was conducted by Sr. Sybil Cordeiro, FMM our Headmistress. Ms Nascita Vaz, one of teachers of the primary clicked photos. 


On 4th September 2015 (First Friday) an Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, dedicated to families was held in Santa Cruz Church during the Religion period. All the Catholic students from classes V-X along with their religion teachers participated in the service. It was conducted by Tr. Astrid Araujo. It included hymns, prayers of the faithful and Pope Francis’ letter to families, which was read by the students. 

While Tr. Jofina recited the Reparation and Pardon Prayer for the conversion of poor sinners. Finally the adoration concluded with Fr. Alexander giving the final blessings.



On 8th September 2015, we had the adoration of Blessed Sacrament in our Chapel on the birthday of our Mother Mary. All the Catholic students were taken in the chapel in different groups by their Religion teachers. I & II Std one group, III & IV Std another group. Std Vth to Xth were taken class wise for the adoration.

The students felt the presence of Jesus in their hearts. Through the prayers and hymns devoted to the Lord Jesus made them aware about the presence of God the Almighty.
The teachers as well as the students had good experience of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament who was present in their midst.


The students and teachers along with our Headmistress of Saviour of the World High School, Loutulim, attended the adoration for families in our Church, organized by the TICAS, Sr. Jessy James and Mrs, Genevieve Diniz.  

There were 456 students, for the same.  

It was on  9th  September at 10.00 a.m.


On 6th Sep, about 300 Catechism children along with their Catechists did the Adoration at Our Lady of Grace Church Margao. Fr Carmo Martins, the Parish Priest was the celebrant.


St. Anne's institute, Agonda conducted adoration for the catholic students of classes IX and X on 15th September 2015. 

Rev. Fr. Romeo D'silva, our manager exposed the Blessed Sacrament and the students led the adoration assisted by their teachers. All of them took active part in praying and singing. 

It was indeed a time  of peace, serenity and blessing. At the end of the adoration father prayed the concluding prayer and gave the Sacramental Blessing.
 Sr. Vandana

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor High School Cortalim

The Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament was held at Our Lady of Rosary Church, Fatorda on 4th September, 2015 on the First Friday, from 9.30 a.m to 10.30 a.m. All the catholic students and staff were present for the Holy hour.

A prayerful atmosphere was created at the beginning by enlightening the students about the importance of the Holy hour, that is to pray, to adore, make reparation, to praise and thank Jesus who is God the supreme and is  present in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.
The whole congregation prayed in piety and reverence and the hymns sung added meanings to the Holy hour. Students were made to understand that kneeling and bowing low at adoration expressed the recognition of their humility before the Almighty God in a spirit and veneration.

At the end the final blessing of the Holy Sacrament was administered by our Manager Rev. Fr. Alvaro Martins to the gathered congregation.
St. Elizabeth`s Primary School

Our school conducted Adoration on 03/10/2015 at 8.45 a.m. for the students and the teachers of our school. 

The students and the teachers prayed for all the families all over the world. Students took part in singing and praising the Lord.
Adoration for Students and Staff at Fr Agnel High School Pilar
The adoration was conducted for catholic students and staff members on
 1st October 2015 for 45 minutes based on the theme -“FAMILY, A CRADLE OF FAITH FORMATION.” At the onset the Blessed Sacrament was exposed. 

A brief introduction was given highlighting the purpose of the adoration. The adoration included thanks giving prayers, introspection of self, prayers of faithful, word of God and reflection. 

Common hymns were sung as all could participate in the singing. Hymns were chosen in Konkani. A PowerPoint presentation was projected so that the adoration be a meaningful one.  
Regina Martyrum High School Assolna
A holy hour was conducted by the students of Regina Martyrum High School, on 11th September 2015, at 10.00 a.m. All the catholic students along with the Value Education teachers took part in it.

The Asst.Parish Priest Fr.Menino Vales exposed the Holy Eucharist, as the students took part in singing the hymn followed by “Word of God” and then recollection on the word of God. 

Later prayers were raised keeping in mind the families of the whole world and then followed by a concluding prayer with the final blessings.

Our Lady  of Desterro High School
Holy Hour
“ Be Still and know that I am God”.  (Ps. 46: 10)
A special  Holy hour was conducted for the catholic students   in the Month of November and December.  It was held from  8.15 am to 9. 15 am .  The  Manager ,Rev:  Fr.Anthony   Rodrigues  Exposed the Blessed Sacrament. During the prayer appropriate hymns were chosen  and sung in Konkani as well as in English. Spontaneous prayers  were  raised. There was an atmosphere  of prayer   and thanksgiving 

( Mrs. Eveletane  Antao)
Our Lady of Desterro High School